All about HIlka

All about HIlka

Hilka is a Minnesota native, who made Eureka Springs her home in 2014. She is a self- taught artist that works in various mediums- oils, acrylics, watercolor – all reflective of her process and mood.

Her work has been described as eclectic because she tends to paint from feeling instead of expectation. She enjoys trying new techniques, working outside of her comfort zone and taking chances.
She refers to herself as a chick that just likes to paint.

I believe that for art to truly speak to someone else, it needs to speak to me first. I learned long ago for my art to be something others would believe in, it had to be something I would believe in – so I paint what I see, what I feel, what touches or inspires me – without reference to a pre-conceived theme or some other construct.

I have been called “eclectic” more than once, and it’s a moniker I wear with pride. I paint using oils, acrylics, watercolors, art pencils and mixed media.

Since my work is eclectic, so too are the things which inspire my work. Common elements that inspire me include nature, emotion, color, relationships – all these things are present in the art I create

What I am painting today may not be what I am painting tomorrow. My art is as much a discovery to me as it is to those who view it, and for me that is the excitement and joy of my work.